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One of the best things about choosing a new sofa is you can look at so many different fabrics. There is a huge amount of choice here, from soft ones to luxe fabric and almost every kind of colour and pattern you can imagine. But, which is the right choice for you? As one of the leading names for bespoke sofas Birmingham has, we can offer lots of useful advice here.


The use

When you look at fabric you should always keep how you will use the sofa in mind. Will it be in a busy living room where children, pets, and guests will use it? If so you may want to choose more durable fabrics that will resist wear and be easy to clean. On the other hand, if it is for a quieter space like a library, conservatory, or office, you may want to choose a more luxurious fabric like chenille.


The colour

This is easily one of the most important decisions to make. Do you want bright colours that stand out or something neutral that will blend in? Think about your whole colour scheme to make sure it will fit in the room. In addition, you should think about dirt. Lighter colours will show marks and stains much easier. You can tackle this problem by choosing a fabric that is easy to clean. Darker colours are better at hiding most marks.


Do you want a pattern?

Some sofas look incredible with patterns. They can make the piece of furniture look more interesting, add more colour, and enhance the style. Just like with the colours, you could choose a bold pattern or something more subtle. If you do opt for bold, you may want to look at removable covers; they are easier to change if you decorate in the future and the pattern no longer fits in the room.


Help choosing bespoke sofas in Birmingham

Home Sofa Company understands how big this decision is. You will want to choose a sofa you can enjoy for years. We would love to help. Our customers have access to a huge array of options, including different shapes and styles of sofa. Then there is an even bigger choice of fabrics, colours and patterns.

We vow to supply bespoke sofas Birmingham clients will love. More than that, we offer great prices and reliable two-man delivery. You can find out more about us on our website or contact us for info.
Bespoke sofas

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