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As much needed refresh to any living room, creating a positive space is very important. Positive space is the space that is a combination of your home décor, furniture, lighting, and accessories. Mainly space is occupied by things such as objects, materials, artwork, and stand-alone pieces. 

Things that can help with creating positive space; Cool colours and Bright colours, such as orange, yellow, or pink. Cool colours, such as green, violet, or baby blue, these colours will help promote calming and positive atmosphere. Also consider adding flowers in areas where you'll see them often, like in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. 

If you didn’t redecorate your home during the previous lockdown, we recommend you take this opportunity to refresh your living space and embark on to a project for a positive living space. If painting and decorating isn’t your thing, don’t worry. This requires no large or complex projects to achieve positive space for your living room. 

Consider decluttering your living room first, if you’re the type of person who loves to collect things and doesn’t use them or need them. This is a perfect start to creating a positive atmosphere as you will have free space to fill with beautiful decors. 

Home interior designers have an eye for positive space and can spot negative space immediately. Creating positive living space is giving others pieces around your room the light and space to breath. You will find your sofa as being one of the biggest pieces in your room, and something everyone’s eye is attracted to when they enter your living room. So having a nice sofa is key, and will help create positive space, as you redecorate your room.  

We suggest browsing for the right sofa for your room style, décor, and colour by visiting homesofacompany who stock a variety of sofas in many different styles, shapes, and colours that will sure to help you create a positive space in your living room.  
One of my recommendation is the stunning Abigail sofa that is available in many different colour options and is a customizable sofa. The Abigail is a hand made to order sofa, and the colour options will most definitely add to that positive space you need for your living room.  

Different pieces of home décor will create different vibes to the room, so selecting carefully which piece best suits you is important. The room and floor colour are a major player when it comes to redecorating, so try considering things such as scatter cushions and the colours you select, whether you have curtains in your living room and what colour are they, and do you have a coffee table, and may be carpet or rugs, as they are also something to consider as they could help create a positive space as well as negative space. 

If you’re into art, you will be amazed how many different creative art pieces you will find these days, you can find artist online or locally around you that can fulfil your requirements when it comes to art pieces. It is also a great addition to any living room regardless of the size of the room. 

So, creating positive space is a striking balance between positive and negative space, ensuring it’s not too crowded where it feels cluttered. Positive space needs to be filled so that it has functionality. The space occupied by objects are things made up of many elements, for example your furniture, art, and décor. Depending on the room feel you want to achieve, you may want a modern living space, or a farmhouse style feel, whatever your room feel is, ensure it does not feel cluttered, but feels warmer, cosier and very homely. 

We hope this has helped you in creating a more positive space for your living room has left you feeling more confident and inspired. And you are ready to add your ideas for that lovely living room you want. If sofa is one of things on top of your list to change and add to your living room, Home Sofa Company can help you select the right sofa for you, they also specialise in custom made bespoke sofas which is a great option to consider if you’re wanting something unique and to stand out from the crowd.  
Visit homesofacompany or give them a call on 0333 224 4808. 

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