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Even with the great prices we offer at Home Sofa Company, sofas can be a big investment. With that in mind you will want one you can enjoy for years. There are a few things you need to look for here. As a leading name for bespoke sofas Birmingham clients can buy from with confidence, we want to offer a few useful tips here. They can help you to spot a sofa that will last.

A quality frame

The most important part of any sofa is the frame. What you want here ideally is a quality hardwood. These timbers are stronger and better at withstanding things like warping.

You should also check the frame to see what kind of joinery it is. The best ones will have proper joints with a solid construction. If it is only glue, nails or staples holding pieces together, the sofa may not last. The feet should also be properly attached to the frame, not just glued in place.


Another important thing to check is what kind of filling is in the cushions. What you want is fillings that are durable, comfortable, and long lasting. You don't want low quality materials that will flatten quickly and make the sofa uncomfortable.

The upholstery

Some materials are incredibly long lasting, even if you use the sofa for long hours every day. There are some really good options, including cotton, synthetic microfibres that resist stains, wool, and leather. What you need to think about here is how easy the material is to clean and how wear resistant it is. You should also consider colour fade, especially if the sofa is going somewhere it will be in direct sunlight or under bright lights.

High quality bespoke sofas in Birmingham

Home Sofa Company works hard to give our customers access to the best selection of sofas. At the same time we want them to find the very best prices and easy delivery services. For the latter we offer two-man delivery for free with every order. Or, clients can upgrade to express delivery if they want some extra help.

So remember, if you are browsing for bespoke sofas, Birmingham has few companies as good as us. You can learn more on our website or contact us if you need any help.
Bespoke sofas

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