Are cheap sofas worth it?

The answer is simple, this all depends on who you shop with for your next sofa.

There are so many companies within the UK that produce some very high quality sofas and couches but you may find that a 2 or 3 seater sofa can cost you a fortune compared to others.

We believe sofas is a great asset to your living room, its the eye piece of the room and something that should last a long time because lets face it, its where we spend most of our time, right? But at the same time niche upscale sofas should be of reliable quality and affordable for all. 

However, be wary of those who use fabrics and material shipped in from foreign countries to bring down the cost price per sofa. You may find that within a couple the months the seating is sagging down, the fabric is loose or a much more severe case the sofa has fallen apart. This would be down to poor craftmanship and we all make mistakes just not twice. 

A good quality sofa should last you anything between 2 - 10 years depending on use and care. For more information on how to care for your sofa read our article on caring for your new sofa. 

All our sofas and corner sofas are of the highest quality, they have to go through a 5 point premium check list, see below what we cover when take on new sofas.

- Structure & Design
- Component & Material
- Foam Density & Filling
- Overall Craftmanship 
- Wear & Tear Test

Our sofas and corner sofas are not cheap but not expensive, we like to say we are reasonably and fair priced compared to most retailers who work on huge profit margins, we like to offer our customers a saving as well as providing high quality durable sofas made to last a long time as that's always been our ethos.  

Most of our sofas are manufactured right here in the UK using the best of material & craftmanship. 

To find out more about sofas on budget click here for an article with some great information or browse our store for many great finds. 

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