Vegas 2 Piece sofa set
Sofa is probably one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of investment you will make for you home. So, it is best practice to always shop and browse around for the perfect sofa for your living space.

Here we have gathered 5 amazing tips to consider before shopping for your lovely sofa.

  1. Room

The room is always overlooked and is important to measure up your room before shopping for a new sofa. The last thing you want is your beautiful sofa not fitting through. You should consider the room size and the position you want your sofa to be placed. Also check the sofas size in depth and height, as a very large sofa in a small room could look disorganized and feel cluttered.

If you have a tall ceiling consider a taller and wider sofa, because a tall ceilinged room with low snug sofa can feel lost in space. If your room is awkwardly shaped consider buying a love style sofa as this will dominate the space and bring in more character. Take a look at this stunning Olivia love seat sofa by Home Sofa Company

  1. Style

There are many things that influence the style of your room, such as décor, accessories, and overall, your sofa colour choice and style.

Style is a very important factor to consider when shopping around for your new sofa. It’s crucial that your sofas look and design will suite your room colour and décor.

When you’re thinking about the style of your room, think about whether you want your sofa as the main focal point of your living space. If you have a room that is more traditionally styled, then it’s good to shop around for a more traditional style sofa. But if you have a modern home, then any stylish and contemporary sofa design will always match your room and home style.

So, when you shop around for a new sofa always go for the design and colour that will match and suite your living space like this modern Grace sofa below 

Grace Stone 3 Seater sofa

  1. Fabric & Comfort

Fabric material and construction of your next sofa is just as important as style and appearance of your room.

When looking for a new sofa consider comfort when you are choosing the fabric for your sofa, as comfort is a major factor to be considered in any sofa. You want your sofa to feel comfortable and durable and look great too.

Sofa manufactures use many different materials and fillings to achieve the desired design for the sofa. The frame of the sofa is very important as the construction base is formed over the frame, so if the frame is strong and well put together then long term durability is easily achieved.

Sofas now come in so many different materials, its sometimes hard to choose the right one. Depending on the style you are looking for and of course your room design, sofa material choice will play a big part in your overall room look, design and feel.

You have many sofa materials choices, such as, velvet, crushed velvet, polyester, woven fabric, Linen fabric, leather, and PU sofa materials. All have different look and feel to them. The filling is also available in many different materials and types, such as, foam, fibre, woollen, feather, and some even come as mixed filling.

Which ever you go for the filling and density determines the comfort of your sofa. For example, take a look at this Hartley sofa collection, its finished in linen fabric and filled with foam seating and fibre back cushions, on webbed backs and sprung seating which ensures a high level of comfort and durability is achieved. 

Hartley grey sofa collection

  1. Seating capacity

As mentioned before that your room size and style is important, so is the size and seating space you go for. Question is we all want more seating space capacity for the family and guest, right? But have you asked yourself whether you will be lying down on your sofa often? If you are, then you should consider sofas that have a lower arm design and more room between the arms for you to stretch your leg and put your feet up.

Always note that sofas are available in so many arm designs and sizes so shopping for the right one that matches your room style and suits your space, as well as fulfils your practicality needs is very important because after all you do want to be comfortable on your new sofa.

Take a look below at the Ferguson sofa ranges, they come in different fabric material options and seating space to suit you.

Ferguson Grey corner sofa

I recommend browsing for your new sofa on homesofacompany as they have many styles and size options to match your room design. Not just that, they offer high quality sofas that are 50% lower than alternative high street retailers. And offer an amazing fast free delivery service where your sofa can be delivered in as little as 7 to 10 working days. They have excellent customer reviews on Trust Pilot and Google. Home Sofa Company also offer as a standard delivery service, the two-man white glove express delivery service, where your sofa will be unpacked and installed in any room of your choice. This level of service is charged at a premium elsewhere, but Home Sofa Company offer this as a free standard delivery with almost all their sofas.

  1. Cost

Lastly one main factor is the price and overall cost of your sofa, some sofas are affordable and some are amazing great bargains, where as some are highly priced due to craftsmanship and material used to make that particular sofa. Depending on many variables example the labour time gone into making the sofa, and things like origin of the sofa, they also reflect on the price for that sofa.

In all retail products you may have seen the RRP badge or price cut to a sale price, which stands for recommended retail price. The recommended retail price of the product is the manufactured and retail market price for the product, however an affordable sofa on a sale that is more than 50% lower than RRP does not reflect or indicate that the sofa is not good or quality. In fact, you could be purchasing a very well-made sofa for a fraction of the price. So, always shop around and keep an eye on that RRP and look out for any sale and offers, because you could be buying an amazing piece of sofa for your home.

I hope these 5 perfect tips help you choose the right sofa for your room before you browse for your next sofa. I recommend checking Home Sofa Company out where you can shop for your next sofa with an amazing summer 50% off RRP Sale on all sofas. 

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